Is There an Industry Without Hardware? – Article for SCN

This recent entry in my article contributions to SCN Magazine find me talking about a hardware free AV industry.  The advancements in technology and IP based communications have evolved the AV systems into network centric systems. This means that hardware can be removed from the equation, and properly designed networks and coding can help save money, and space.

Read the full article here:  ARTICLE LINK

From Smart To Intelligent – 2016 Trends – Article for SCN

This article outlines my thoughts on 2016 trends within the AV industry.  Rather than discussing specific technology trends, I talk about the larger picture within the industry.  The article discusses a selection of trends that will lead to some very interesting and revolutionary products and solutions.  They are the catalysts for change and convergence within the industry.


Video Processing in a Digital Age – Article for SCN Magazine

This article is the next installment in my series of articles for SCN Magazine and the AVnetwork blog.  The topic for this month was video processing so I decided to cover video processing techniques int he digital age.  The article highlights a few methods of processing video for display walls or collaborative environments that reduces the amount of hardware in the system.  It discusses the virtual and software techniques of processing and transporting video that opens up more versatile ways of designing system while keeping everything networked to reduce infrastructure and help future proof the designs.


The Millennial Paradigm Shift – Article for SCN

After I published my InfoComm review article, I was asked by SCN to be a monthly blogger for their website.  I agreed, so this is my second post for their blog.  The topic of the month was Youth in AV.  I decided to write about the millennial workforce and how the trends of the youth drive how the workplace needs to evolve and adapt.  Read the full article at the link:


InfoComm 2015 Article for SCN Magazine

I recently attended the InfoComm 2015 convention in Orlando Florida.  I was asked by my company and SCN to write an article recapping the event and sharing my thoughts.  I decided to write about the innovative solutions I saw and how they could affect the industry.  The article was posted on both SCN and SMW blogs, as well as published in print issue of SCN for August. Read the full article at the link:


Music Distribution Project

The purpose of this project was to plan a music release and distribution.  I decided to create a fictional pop punk band and market their release.  This band is called Lyrical Operations Lab and is a popular national act.

The concept was to release a themed EP about childhood memories and nostalgia.  The packaging is made to look like a Wonka Bar.  The release is based around a contest similar to Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket Contest.  Each package includes a download card.  If a person receives a gold download card then they win a slew of prizes.  Below are pictures of the packaging.  Winning copies play a clip of the Golden Ticket song covered by the band.  The tech is similar to greeting cards that play music when opened.

To make the prototype I bought a music card and cut out the chip and speaker.  I then placed it in the LOL packaging and recorded the song onto it.  The download card can also be worn on a lanyard.  Aside from packaging an entire budget and marketing plan was created.  Distribution and promotion was also planned and drawn up.

Below is also a copy of the Golden Ticket cover.  It was recorded for the purpose of this project.