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I am a professional audio engineer with years of experience in recording, mixing, editing, sound design, live sound reinforcement, acoustics, and consulting. I love challenging myself. I am always looking for new ways to learn and expand my knowledge.

The Run Around – Popstars – Music Video


This project was a music video shoot for a local Chicago punk band – The Run Around.  They were in the process or marketing their new album, The Reckless Ones, now available on iTunes.  My role in this project was assisting the shoot in setting up the scenes, running local audio for syncing, assistant camera work, and acting.  The acting part was a last minute decision.  The direction of the video we ultimately decided on required a pompous TV producer type character.  So I volunteered to play that part.

The entire day was a lot of fun.  Shooting music videos are a fun experience and the final product turned out excellent.  See the video below:

Do We Really Need A Winner? – article for SCN

This article highlights some great uses of networked audio in a live and recording setting. The use of digital audio networks can allow maximum flexibility while keeping the amount of equipment to a minimum. Some live audio consoles have employed the use of digital audio networking to maximize flexibility and simplicity of user experience. Read more at the link below


From Smart To Intelligent – 2016 Trends – Article for SCN

This article outlines my thoughts on 2016 trends within the AV industry.  Rather than discussing specific technology trends, I talk about the larger picture within the industry.  The article discusses a selection of trends that will lead to some very interesting and revolutionary products and solutions.  They are the catalysts for change and convergence within the industry.


Video Processing in a Digital Age – Article for SCN Magazine

This article is the next installment in my series of articles for SCN Magazine and the AVnetwork blog.  The topic for this month was video processing so I decided to cover video processing techniques int he digital age.  The article highlights a few methods of processing video for display walls or collaborative environments that reduces the amount of hardware in the system.  It discusses the virtual and software techniques of processing and transporting video that opens up more versatile ways of designing system while keeping everything networked to reduce infrastructure and help future proof the designs.


Chicago 48hr Film Project 2015 – Audience Award Winner – The Small Accordion


This year me and a few of my friends participated yet again in the Chicago 48hr Film Project.  For those unfamiliar, this is a film fest that requires teams to create and submit a 7min short film in just 48hrs.  Teams are given the same prop, character, and line of dialogue that they must use within the film.  Then each team randomly draws a genre.  They are given 48hrs to write, film, edit, and submit the finished film.

This year our film won the Audience Award.  This means that the screening audience voted our film number 1!  We are very proud of this award as it means we successfully entertained, and that people enjoyed our work.

Watch the film below, then continue reading for some info about our experience this year.


We received Cop/detective genre and immediately decided to do a film noir.  However, we did not just want to do a goofy parody as that has been done so many times.  We decided to film a genuine film noir, with some comedy injected into the story.  We decided to keep the time period ambiguous and instead focus on the stylistic and story elements that make up the film noir genre.  We kept the story simple and straight forward for the 7min run-time, while still having some essence of uncertainty.


We had a blast working on this project and are very proud of the result.  We came close to the wire at some points since we didn’t finish filming until 3am Sunday morning.  However with great teamwork and efficiency we were able to pull off something people enjoyed, and ended up winning in the process. While our goal was to entertain and not win awards, it still feels good to be acknowledged for our hard work.

The Millennial Paradigm Shift – Article for SCN

After I published my InfoComm review article, I was asked by SCN to be a monthly blogger for their website.  I agreed, so this is my second post for their blog.  The topic of the month was Youth in AV.  I decided to write about the millennial workforce and how the trends of the youth drive how the workplace needs to evolve and adapt.  Read the full article at the link:


InfoComm 2015 Article for SCN Magazine

I recently attended the InfoComm 2015 convention in Orlando Florida.  I was asked by my company and SCN to write an article recapping the event and sharing my thoughts.  I decided to write about the innovative solutions I saw and how they could affect the industry.  The article was posted on both SCN and SMW blogs, as well as published in print issue of SCN for August. Read the full article at the link:


Boy Scout AirCamp 2014 – Video

I recently volunteered to help out at the Chicago Boy Scout Aircamp event at the Rockford International Airport.  I provided photography and video services.  Throughout the day I roamed the event snapping photos and taking video of the 4,000+ attendees having fun.  At around 2:30pm I sat down and began to edit the photos and video.  I then compiled all the bests into a video retrospective to be aired during their closing Arena Show later that night.  All the scouts gathered in a large aircraft hanger to watch the show and video highlights from the day.  It was a great time and was nice to see the joy on all the faces.

Check out the video below:

(the video also contains photos from other photographers on site that day)

Guinness World Record – Most Claps In A Minute

I recently took part in a recording session of a world record attempt.  During the session I was acting as an audio expert and was tasked with judging the attempt.  The client was attempting the record for most claps in a minute.  Guinness had sent over official documentation outlining the specifications of the recording session.  The microphones had to be placed a certain distance from the clapper, and a certain distance above the floor.  There had to be two people keeping time and one with a whistle to mark the start and stop.  We needed to show a timer on screen and provide multiple camera angles as proof.  The audio files were not allowed to be doctored or edited in any way.

The studio owner and myself had to then count each transient clap within the waveform.  This took a long time to complete.  Afterwards we filled out official Guinness documentation verifying our counts and that we were qualified to judge.  The audio files and other documentation were then sent to Guinness for further verification.  The client ended up breaking the record and the official page in online HERE

Here is the video of him breaking the record: