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I am a professional audio engineer with years of experience in recording, mixing, editing, sound design, live sound reinforcement, acoustics, and consulting. I love challenging myself. I am always looking for new ways to learn and expand my knowledge.

Reality Refined – Chicago 48hr Film Project 2017 Submission


This year’s 48hr Film Project was a lot of fun. We drew the genre Fantasy, and had a blast coming up with our idea. Like all 48hr Film Projects, we have just 48hrs to write, film, edit, render, and turn in the finished product.

This year the writing process went very smooth since we were playing in our wheelhouse. We decided to not go too over the top and keep the story grounded (a theme the story itself also explores).

We always write as a team and improvise most of the lines. We will come up with a general story structure, block out each scene, and then fill in the rest while we shoot. This method always works out well for us and keeps our time well managed.

Since our team is small we all end up playing camera man, writer, practical effects, lighting, etc at some point.

My specific contributions for this film fest were actor, and sound designer. All sounds aside from dialog were created and mixed into the film. This is tough to do within the time limit given so we are very proud of the result.

Today, Two Years, and Tomorrow – UNLV Spring Flicks


This is the 2017 submission for the UNLV Spring Flicks in Las Vegas. I provided sound design, and music for the film.

I worked remotely from Chicago. The film was shot and edited in Las Vegas, and I was sent a rough cut to start my sound work. I spent the first day watching the film and creating my sound list.  I then went out and field recorded all my raw sounds to use in sound editing. Combining the recorded sounds with sound library samples, I was able to create all the sound effects needed.

The original production dialog was recorded on set and ended up being extremely noisy. Audio restoration techniques were not able to clean up the audio enough to be usable. So the filmmaker did an ADR session in Vegas with another audio engineer. I was then sent the updated OMF file with raw dialog to edit and mix.  This drastically improved the viewing experience and overall story.

The concept of the sound design really drives the emotion in the film. I chose to create realistic soundscapes, while keeping some of the dream-like qualities to the flash backs and past travel scenes.

Is There an Industry Without Hardware? – Article for SCN

This recent entry in my article contributions to SCN Magazine find me talking about a hardware free AV industry.  The advancements in technology and IP based communications have evolved the AV systems into network centric systems. This means that hardware can be removed from the equation, and properly designed networks and coding can help save money, and space.

Read the full article here:  ARTICLE LINK