Reality Refined – Chicago 48hr Film Project 2017 Submission

This year’s 48hr Film Project was a lot of fun. We drew the genre Fantasy, and had a blast coming up with our idea. Like all 48hr Film Projects, we have just 48hrs to write, film, edit, render, and turn in the finished product.

This year the writing process went very smooth since we were playing in our wheelhouse. We decided to not go too over the top and keep the story grounded (a theme the story itself also explores).

We always write as a team and improvise most of the lines. We will come up with a general story structure, block out each scene, and then fill in the rest while we shoot. This method always works out well for us and keeps our time well managed.

Since our team is small we all end up playing camera man, writer, practical effects, lighting, etc at some point.

My specific contributions for this film fest were actor, and sound designer. All sounds aside from dialog were created and mixed into the film. This is tough to do within the time limit given so we are very proud of the result.

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