Guinness World Record – Most Claps In A Minute

I recently took part in a recording session of a world record attempt.  During the session I was acting as an audio expert and was tasked with judging the attempt.  The client was attempting the record for most claps in a minute.  Guinness had sent over official documentation outlining the specifications of the recording session.  The microphones had to be placed a certain distance from the clapper, and a certain distance above the floor.  There had to be two people keeping time and one with a whistle to mark the start and stop.  We needed to show a timer on screen and provide multiple camera angles as proof.  The audio files were not allowed to be doctored or edited in any way.

The studio owner and myself had to then count each transient clap within the waveform.  This took a long time to complete.  Afterwards we filled out official Guinness documentation verifying our counts and that we were qualified to judge.  The audio files and other documentation were then sent to Guinness for further verification.  The client ended up breaking the record and the official page in online HERE

Here is the video of him breaking the record:

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