Music Distribution Project

The purpose of this project was to plan a music release and distribution.  I decided to create a fictional pop punk band and market their release.  This band is called Lyrical Operations Lab and is a popular national act.

The concept was to release a themed EP about childhood memories and nostalgia.  The packaging is made to look like a Wonka Bar.  The release is based around a contest similar to Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket Contest.  Each package includes a download card.  If a person receives a gold download card then they win a slew of prizes.  Below are pictures of the packaging.  Winning copies play a clip of the Golden Ticket song covered by the band.  The tech is similar to greeting cards that play music when opened.

To make the prototype I bought a music card and cut out the chip and speaker.  I then placed it in the LOL packaging and recorded the song onto it.  The download card can also be worn on a lanyard.  Aside from packaging an entire budget and marketing plan was created.  Distribution and promotion was also planned and drawn up.

Below is also a copy of the Golden Ticket cover.  It was recorded for the purpose of this project.


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